Menu "TOP sales".

Top sales are an important tool for increasing profits and trading efficiency. As you know, 80 percent of the profits from trade give top products. This is 15-20 percent of the total. And it is important to monitor the availability of these goods in the warehouse, because its end soonest. And in order that there are no gaps in the availability of these goods. These functions are performed by the "Top Sales" menu.
In this you can view the list of top products by months, or for half a year, or per year, what profit its bring, view the dynamics for the year of availability of these goods in the warehouse, and identify seasonal sales of these goods. Thus, you adjust the volume and frequency of the purchase of these goods, so that its are always in your warehouse. Accordingly, you increase the efficiency of trade and your profit.
At the top of the menu, you can choose the viewing mode: monthly, half a year, year. Below is the list of top products for this period in order of decreasing profits.
To view the annual dynamics of the availability of top products in the warehouse, click on the product name and you will see a list with the dynamics of the quantity of this product by days.











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