Main menu.

From the main menu, you can go to the various submenus of the program. In each of them there is a detailed description of working with it. Enter the desired menu and press the "help" button.

There is also a right menu. To go to the right menu, you need to click the top right button .


Main buttons of the main menu.

-In this menu, a detailed list of goods is displayed under catalogs. For each product, the name, photo, purchase price, estimated selling price, adjusted selling price, quantity is displayed.
-Addition of goods.
- A fast change of the quantity of the product when it is sold or when the goods arrive at the warehouse.
- Removal of goods from the database
- Go to settings. Here working with catalogs (adding or deleting) and financial settings.

Attention!!! At the beginning of the program, be sure to set the financial settings - the exchange rate and the estimated profit. This is required for the correct display of the estimated price and sales statistics .
- Modes of statistics on sales and increasing trade efficiency.
- Go to the cloud work menu.

Successful trading!



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