Excel file format.

When transferring your goods to the database through the file add_list.xls, this file must be typed for a specific format. A example file can be downloaded from the section "DOWNLOADS"

Short description .
- Leave the first line empty. This line is reserved. In it, the "mobile warehouse" program itself inscribes the column names. "Product name" "Product code" "Quantity", etc.
The goods base starts with the 2nd line.
- In the first column, the names of the catalogs are entered. There must be at least one catalog in your database. Goods without a catalog are not accepted by the program. In the line with the name of the catalog, the goods fit in. The list of goods of this catalog begins with the next line under the name of the catalog.
- In the second column there are articles (the internal code of the goods). The article consists only of numbers. If you do not use articles, then put 0. The "mobile warehouse" program in this case will automatically generate the article for this product.
- In the 3rd column - the name of the product.
- In the 4th column - additional information of product. At the moment, this graph is not used and
reserved for use in future versions of the program "Mobile warehouse"
- In the 5th column - the quantity of goods in the warehouse
- In the 6th column - the quantity of goods in transit (delivery)
- In the 7th column - the purchase price in the currency in which you purchase the goods
- In the 8th column - the price, which is calculated by the program depending on the exchange rate and the established percentage of profit
- In the 9th column - your adjusted price. If your price is specified, then it is the final sale price, if it equal 0, then the final price will be calculated price in the previous column
- In the 10th column - the manufacturer. Reserved.
- In the 11th column - the name of the photo file of this product. For pictures of the goods, pictures with extensions are available .jpg .jpeg .png You can enter a name in the table with or without an extension. (See the example)
- In the 12th column - the supplier. Reserved.
- In the 13th column - the date of the last inventory. Reserved.



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