Menu "financials settings".

Attention!!! At the beginning of the program, be sure to set the financial settings for the correct calculation of the price of the goods.
In this menu, you enter the following data: the currency by which you purchase the goods, the currency by which you sell the product, the exchange rate and the estimated profit. If you buy goods in your country and sell, then enter the abbreviated name of your currency in both fields and set exchange rate 1. If you buy goods in China for example and sell in your country, then put the usd currency, and sell currency your country . And, accordingly, enter the exchange rate for the current day. In the "profit" field enter the calculated profit for calculating the price of the goods. For example, you bought a product for 1 dollar, and sell for 1.5, so in this field we enter 50 (profit 50% of the purchase price). In addition to the estimated price in each product there is a "My price" field and you can adjust the price for the goods. But the calculation of the settlement price is a useful function when the dollar rate changes, or when the purchase price changes. You only need to change the exchange rate and the price of all goods will automatically be recalculated.








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