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In this application there is an opportunity to work with a cloud server or a "cloud". As a cloud, Google Disk is used. The account can be used either one that is registered on your smartphone, or open a new one. The program independently on your cloud creates a folder "sklad" and writes files to it. Main functions:
1. Save the entire database of products together with the annual sales statistics in the sql format.
2. Saving photos of goods.
3. Save the product database without statistics in Excel format This file uses the "Warehouse" program for desktop PC. You can also download an Excel file from your cloud and print it.
4. Download the database from the cloud.
5. Download photos from the cloud.
6. Download Excel file to add products.
When saving data, the program creates the current version, and also saves the three previous versions. The Excel file names are as follows:
all_list - last version;
all_list_old1 - previous version;
all_list_old2 - previous version;
all_list_old3 - previous version.

The file names of all database are as follows:
db_current - last version;
db_old1 - previous version;
db_old2 - previous version;
db_old3 - previous version.

When downloading the program asks which version to download. The mode of reading from the cloud file in Excel format is designed to add goods to your database.



Menu interface.


- the indicator of connection of your smartphone to the Internet. If the Internet is not connected, exit the "cloud" menu, connect the Internet and enter the menu again.
- cloud connection indicator.
- button "load the base from the cloud". Used in case you reinstalled the program, but you have a saved database, or the database was saved on another smartphone and it needs to be synchronized with it. At startup, the program prompts you to select the version of the stored database. Last or previous versions.
- button "upload the database to the cloud." Used either to back up the database, or to transfer the database through the cloud to another mobile device, or a desktop computer. To transfer the base to a desktop computer, you need to tick the icon , the "Warehouse" program for a desktop PC uses only an Excel file.
If you have changed photos of goods, then you need to upload and photo files

(need to tick the icon), but without the need to constantly upload photos to the cloud is not necessary, because unloading all the photos takes a more time.
- button "load the database from the cloud in Excel format." Used only to add new products, if these products are driven into your Excel file, and you transfer this file from your PC to your mobile device through the cloud.
The file must have a name add_list.xls The format of the data in this file (column numbers with the name of catalogs, products, item codes, etc.) is described on our website.











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