Menu "add item".

In this program, you can add goods in two ways:
1 way. This is directly from this menu. For each product you enter all the data in this menu and after that press the "save" button.

2 way. If you already have a list of products in Excel format, then you can convert this table as indicated on our website
Next, with the program for a desktop "Warehouse" (you can download from our site), fill this table with a cloud. After that, go to the "Cloud" menu of this application

and put key

All products excel tables from the cloud are added to the database on your mobile device.
A few words about the article (item code). If you use item code on the goods, you must correctly write it. If you do not use, then put 0. When you add items to the database, item codes are checked. If the code = 0, or is not specified, it is automatically generated. If you find the same codes, the program will give a message about the same codes. You will need to find the products with the specified codes and fix it.


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