How to Increase Sales of an Online Store and Get More Profits?


The amount of sales in the online store (and just in the store) is affected by many factors. Enumerate all of them is not necessary, because This information is plentiful on the Internet.
As a rule, the main problems when buying any product on the Internet store are:
- the product is out of stock.
- irrelevant price.
- There is no quick response to the order.
- there is no convenient way for the client to deliver and pay


More details on the 1st item. Presence of the necessary goods in a warehouse.
As you know, the assortment of the store must be wide, so that the buyer gets the impression that the store has everything and can safely look for the necessary goods in it. But the main profit for the store brings the top products. These goods are not more than 20% of the total, but they bring 60-80% of all profits. And these goods end faster than all the rest. Therefore, to maximize profits, it is necessary to clearly identify the list of these goods and monitor their availability in the warehouse.
If the supplier of the goods is inside the country, then it is not a problem to replenish these positions on time. But now most stores buy goods directly in China, and the delivery time of goods varies from 2 weeks to several months. Therefore, you need to clearly monitor the annual dynamics of sales of these products, seasonal dynamics. And based on this data, determine the time of ordering a new batch of goods in this category.

This task is carried out by the program "Mobile warehouse". The program is absolutely FREE.
In addition to the standard functions of inventory management, adjusting prices for goods depending on the dollar exchange rate, inventory and other, this program identifies top products (menu statistics - top sales), shows the dynamics of the availability of these goods in the warehouse.
The main functions of the program "Mobile warehouse":
1. Maintenance of warehouse accounting. Quantity of goods, purchase price, sale price, work with catalogs.
2. Working with the cloud. Backing up the database to the cloud, reading the database from the cloud. In this case, the database itself is always in the mobile device or a stationary PC. Therefore, the program can work off-line.
3. Export to Excel. Export the product database to an Excel file to transfer data to a stationary PC or to send to print. Import goods from Excel for the convenience of adding positions.
4. Functions of increasing sales. Detection of top products, tracking the dynamics of the availability of top goods in stock. Calculation of gross turnover. Profit calculation.
5. Communication with a desktop PC. Complete with the mobile version is the program for a desktop PC under windows for the convenience of working with the base from a stationary computer or laptop.




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